Hello from George


I'm George, and I have completed my undergraduate physics degree at Concordia University. I have studied in England, Wales, Vancouver and Montreal and learned a huge amount about myself and the wider academic community, in addition to gaining a degree in a subject which I adore.

I have also been enrolled in the Concordia Science College, which is a special program for students who are keen to enter research in their field of study and show high potential to do so. The program helps prepare us philosophically and ethically and aims to provide a broad perspective on science and the interconnectivity between disciplines. I am doing my third and final research project with the science college this summer, after which I will be graduating.

My previous Science College research projects were in the Titorenko Lab, investigating how plant extracts affect ageing in Yeast, and the Pfaus Lab, investigating the effects of SSRI antidepressants on sexual function in males. I also completed a Specialization report, in the Frank Research Group, as part of my physics degree, learning about the standard model of particle physics and how model builders are attempting to extend this by hypothesizing extra spatial dimensions.

My current project is in the Bianucci research group at Concordia in the field of topological photonics. I am using Python to run simulations to investigate how different geometries affect slow light in photonic crystal ring resonators. I am currently getting to grips with the MEEP and MPB plug-ins for Python, and learning the physics of topological photonics as this was not covered in detail in my undergraduate classes.

I am to finish my project by the beginning of August. I then plan to apply for permanent residence in Quebec and so I am also preparing for the TEFAQ exams this summer. I hope to attain the C1 level. After graduation I will take a break from my studies in order to work, because I cannot apply for permanent residence while enrolled as a student, because I have a broad range of interests and believe that having a unique variety of skills will maximize my potential impact, and because I am keen to gain some industry experience before starting my masters degree.

I am also taking the online "data specialist" course with dataquest this summer because I know that strong programming skills will benefit me in any science or tech job, and because it introduces the fundamentals of machine learning which is an area of research that fascinates me philosophically and that I expect to have a huge impact on the future of our society.

I am currently looking for a job to start in August/September, and to last for at least one year. I want to do something related to either condensed matter, data science, or machine learning.

Please contact me if you know of anything that might be suitable.

Many thanks,

George Williams