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I have a broad interest in all things scientific and am also an alumni of the Concordia Science College, which is a unique program in North America roughly equivalent to a masters degree.

The Science College aims to provide a broad perspective on science and the interconnectivity between disciplines and includes classes on the history, philosophy, and ethics of science.

Students complete one 6-week research project and two 3-month research projects. You can find my dissertation papers on this page.

My research projects were:

- As part of the Titorenko Lab, investigating how plant extracts affect ageing in Yeast.

- With the Pfaus Lab, investigating the effects of SSRI antidepressants on sexual function in male rats.

- For the Bianucci research group using Python simulations to investigate how different geometries affect slow light in photonic crystal ring resonators.

- I also completed a Specialization report, in the Frank Research Group, as part of my physics degree, learning about the standard model of particle physics and how model builders are attempting to extend this by hypothesizing extra spatial dimensions.